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Roof Painting Toowoomba Guide

A quality roofing system can greatly impact the house’s exterior as well as the owner’s investments and assets. It plays a major role in any type of structure. It serves as a protection from elements such as storm, winds, and the sun. It also acts as a barrier between structure and nature.

Any unattended damages can cause slow deterioration of the roof. To prevent this, professional roof coatings are necessary. It will:

  • Protect the roof from the elements
  • Make it waterproof (using certain materials)
  • Prevent it from early breakdown

It is also the cheapest way to enhance your exterior design while adding value to your property.

Here, we will guide you with the basic elements you should know about roof painting. It will help you in choosing what best fits your needs, and finding the best professional roof painter in Toowoomba for your unique preferences.

Choosing the best roof paint for your Toowoomba property

There are many different coatings, however, here are four focus on for you to choose from. This includes:

Eco-friendly silicone coatings

This is the perfect coat for metal roofs. It’s an inorganic, moisture-cured coating that is made of liquid silicone. Silicone type of coating is able to contract and expand to the surface where it’s applied. It gives thermal shock protection for temperature changes.


It is impermeable and can withstand ponding water. It also has elastomeric; high UV resistance; eco-friendly; with good weathering capability features.


It is the most expensive coating but can lose reflectivity through time. It also not tear- resistant.

Polyurea, Polyurethane, and Polymeric coatings

These roof coatings are also known as “cold liquid applied” roof coatings. They’re applied as a cold liquid that forms an elastomeric waterproof layer. These coatings are capable of stretching with the roof surface without any damage. These are a rapid cure even during winter. Cold applied liquid coatings are very adherent to various roof materials and they’re cost-effective. They’re a good choice for roof tile paint.


It has superb tensile strength and is resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, impact. It can even stretch with the substrate and can be used as a roof tile coating.


It is expensive compared to acrylics. The paint costs higher than roof tile paint amidst the fact that it has the same wearing rate with acrylic paints.

Water-based acrylic roof paint

The most cost-effective among the liquid waterproof roof painting system is water-based acrylic roof paint. It’s a single component that is applied 5-10x thicker than house paints. Titanium oxide is combined with this to make the coating stronger and heat-reflective. The white colour of this paint helps lower the temperature on the roof. Thus, reducing the temperature inside the house while protecting the roof from early aging.


It is UV resistant, easy to use, highly reflective and is cost-effective.


It doesn’t perform well with water-ponding cases. It can lose thickness from weathering and needs above 10°C temperature when applied.

Bituminous and modified coat


Versatile: It can be applied to the cement, asbestos, built-up felt, concrete, asphalt, and metal sheeting. It can also deflect heat and UV when combined with aluminium. It is typically used as an industrial roof paint.


It requires heat for curing and is not flexible unless modified.

Type of Roof

The roofing material and roof slope help to determine which roof coating is perfect for the roof.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings. They’re cost-efficient since they have smaller surface areas thus less material is needed. Coating these type of roofs needs to be applied over the existing layer, which is typically rubber or asphalt.

Pitched Roofs

This type of roof has tiling and shingles where water are easily drained. Therefore the risk of leaks is decreased.

Roof Painting Toowoomba Cost Guide

The cost of roof painting in Toowoomba depends on various factors. Houses are different so as their roofs. Here are some of the few factors that can affect the roof painting’s final quote:

  1. The complexity of the roof’s design
  2. The roof’s condition
  3. The roof’s size
  4. The difficulty level of access to the roof
  5. The materials used by the painters
  6. The location of the house – travel

Repainting your roof is more economical compared to replacing it with a new roof. You just need to ensure that the repainting job is properly done by a reliable repainting company in Toowoomba.

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