Roof Painting Toowoomba Guide

Eco-friendly silicone coatings

This is the perfect coat for metal roofs. It’s an inorganic, moisture-cured coating that is made of liquid silicone. Silicone type of coating is able to contract and expand to the surface where it’s applied. It gives thermal shock protection for temperature changes.


Polyurea, Polyurethane, and Polymeric coatings

These roof coatings are also known as “cold liquid applied” roof coatings. They’re applied as a cold liquid that forms an elastomeric waterproof layer. These coatings are capable of stretching with the roof surface without any damage. These are a rapid cure even during winter. Cold applied liquid coatings are very adherent to various roof materials and they’re cost-effective. They’re a good choice for roof tile paint.


Water-based acrylic roof paint

The most cost-effective among the liquid waterproof roof painting system is water-based acrylic roof paint. It’s a single component that is applied 5-10x thicker than house paints. Titanium oxide is combined with this to make the coating stronger and heat-reflective. The white colour of this paint helps lower the temperature on the roof. Thus, reducing the temperature inside the house while protecting the roof from early aging.


Bituminous and modified coat

Bituminous coating, also known as coal-tar pitch or asphalt, is a viscous organic and highly adhesive liquid used to make roofs waterproof. Bitumen coating can be combined with polymers to improve the physical quality of the paint job. Add aluminium pigments to add reflectivity.

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