Finding the Best Colonial Painter in Toowoomba

Types of Colonial Paint Colour Combination Ideas

Based on whether or not you have a Double Gable Home, Triple Gable Home or Classic Queenslander it is really up to your specific taste and ideas.

Federation colonial paint colour

Federation colonial paint colour

Light and pale colours like sage green, muted blues, creams, and stone shade of grey define a federal paint colour. Bright colours are used in the interiors with a contrast of pale trim off-white

Bungalow colonial paint colour

Bungalow colonial paint colour

The gregorian style boasts with the range of blue, grey, and peach colours. These were highlighted with rich vibrant colours of burgundy, gold, and navy. In colonial times, blue was used as a signature colour to define upper-class level colonial houses because it’s rare and costly.

Greek revival colonial paint colour

Greek revival colonial paint colour

These typically come in off-white, white, ochre or grey that mimics the stones in the Greek temples. The contrasting colour of black or dark green is used in the exterior shades, while interiors are in deep hues of gold and green.

Classic colonial paint colour

Classic colonial paint colour

The range of colours in classic colonial paints is a delicate earthy blend of creamy yellow, ochre, dark brown, muted green, white, almond, taupe, reddish-brown, and beige. These colours come from natural resources such as mineral, plants, and soil. Thus making them common.

Black Colonial Paint Colour


The strongest colour range of black came from carbon. It’s essential for toning down or darkening other colours.

Red Oxide Colonial Paint Colour

Red Oxide

A psychologically strong colour that can generate vibrant colours of true red to pale pink if mixed with white.

Raw sienna Colonial Paint Colour

Raw sienna

A clean light brown colour that is capable of richness and transparency. Ideally great for mixing with other colours to achieve various results.

Raw umber Colonial Paint Colour

Raw umber

Deemed as the universal blending colour for white and other light shades. Perfect colour for the aging process which indicates varnish and dirt.

Yellow ochre Colonial Paint Colour

Yellow ochre

The most universal and flexible colour. Deep, warm, bright colour with no touch of green. It’s considered to be the best base for a cream colour blend.

Burnt sienna Colonial Paint Colour

Burnt sienna

A more intense and vibrant colour range than red oxide. It generates deep pinky brown and clean brown if mixed with white.

Terra Verde Colonial Paint Colour

Terra Verde

A green earth pigment that is excellent to use for glazing but useless for body colours.

Burnt umber Colonial Paint Colour

Burnt umber

The reduced and oxidized tone of raw umber. This generates a dark deep brown colour which was used as a top coating. It is also used to treat decorations like graining.